TechnoSys has been bringing the good quality MultiRotor equipment since 2008 and this time we bring you a Huge Octocopter – K130. The K130 is a 1300mm that is installed with 288Kv Motors and 18 inch Carbon Fiber Propellors. With our factory RTF setup, the K130 can fly either very long or lift heavy load without any glitches. With the advancement of Aerial Photography and Mapping industry, there is more and more requirement and demand for long flight time of Multirotors. To meet the demand, after countless tests and improvements, we now release the long-anticipated K130. It is equipped with formidable power system (Supreme 1865 propeller, 5010 -288Kv Motor, Multi-Pal 60A ESC). Such perfect system not only guarantees the ideal long flight time to almost 35 mins, but also generates amazing lifting capacity up to more than 5kgs. Besides this K130 is also foldable for a quick set up and immediate launching at job site. The angle of arm is adjustable and the servo is installed with collision-protection. When descending or ascending is complete, the power to the servo is cut to avoid any burn caused by collision PARAMETERS Diameter 1300mm Weight 7.2 kg including landing gear Max Flying Weight 15 kg – All-in-One Design – Advanced attitude stabilize Algorithm – Multiple flight control mode/intelligent switching – GPS Module Available/Accurate Position hold – Intelligent Orientation Control (IOC) – Failsafe mode – Low voltage protection – Motor Arm and Motor Dis-arm. SPECIFICATIONS Width 1790mm(18″ Propellor Mounted) Length 1790mm(18″ Propellor Mounted) Height 640mm(18″ Propellor Mounted) 520mm ( Centre Damper Plate to Ground) Diagonal WheelBase 1270mm Battery Mount Seat 220mm x 220mm Frame Arm Length 500mm ( 25mm Carbon Fiber Tubes) Weight 6Kg ( No battery, No Gimbal)   INCLUDES – 1 x K130 Frame – 8 x 5010 KV288 Motor – 8 x 60A OPTO ESC – 4 pairs x 1865 CF Propeller – 1 x Landing Gear – 1 x 32 Bit AutoPilot – 1 x 300A Ultra Power Distributor – 1 x K130 Gimbal Loading Kit – 1 x Plug/Cable/Wires/Shrink Tubing etc -1 x Taranis X9D Plus Radio Control(Mode 2) Product Disclaimer

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