Trentar Private Limited is a Group Company of Dorf Ketal concentrating in the New Age/Sunrise Industries.

Trentar Group Pyramid has 3 layers

The bottom of the pyramid is taken care by Hyderabad based group company Trishula(www.trishula.co).  The mid layer is from Bengaluru based group company TM Aerospace(www.tmaerospace.com)  The top part fo the pyramid is handled by Noida based group company GarudaUAV(www.garudauav.com)

GarudaUAV will help to scale up Drone-based Services to help automate and digitize hitherto manual processes like mapping, surveying, inspection, maintenance, surveillance. Drones deliver aerial data sets with improved accuracy, enhanced safety, and reduced costs.

Their services include drone survey, mapping, visual and thermal inspection to solar plants, transmission lines & utilities, wind turbines, thermal plants, factories, dams and hydro power projects, telecom towers, coal & mine.  They also offer construction progress monitoring services, post-disaster surveys for highways, rail and metro projects, oil and gas pipelines and plants, construction sites and general insurance assets. The learnings from each project being executed help enhancing their proprietary AI powered platform BlueHawk, which will be launched as a SAS offering shortly.

TM Aerospace concentrates on building UAVs for both commercial and defence needs.

It is into Design -> Develop-> Manufacture-> Integrate->Test-> Delivery of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles.  TM Aerospace specialises in Hybrid VTOL UAVs, Fixed-wing, High Kinetic energy and Multirotor drones.

Their expertise in the unmanned industry is a product of (a) distinctive experience in flying, building and operating UAV, RPA, RC and Ultralight Aircraft. (b) Unparalleled Piloting and Engineering Skills, and (c) enormous passion for aviation.

Trishula focusses on creating world class propulsion systems, built ground up from India.  The products include BLDC Motors, Electronic Speed Controllers, Propellers and Fuel Based Engines for UAV.  The products have been tested, benchmarked and proven to be performing better than the products currently available, globally. Key differentiators about their products are that they are customizable and of repair friendly design. These are critical for an industry which is growing extensively and aggressively.