Trentar Private Limited is a Group Company of Dorf Ketal concentrating in the New Age/Sunrise Industries.

Trentar Group Pyramid has 2 layers

The bottom of the pyramid is taken care by Chennai based group company RFLY Innovations (www.rfly.in). The top part of the pyramid is handled by Noida based group company GarudaUAV(www.garudauav.com)

GarudaUAV will help to scale up Drone-based Services to help automate and digitize hitherto manual processes like mapping, surveying, inspection, maintenance, surveillance. Drones deliver aerial data sets with improved accuracy, enhanced safety, and reduced costs.

Their services include drone survey, mapping, visual and thermal inspection to solar plants, transmission lines & utilities, wind turbines, thermal plants, factories, dams and hydro power projects, telecom towers, coal & mine.  They also offer construction progress monitoring services, post-disaster surveys for highways, rail and metro projects, oil and gas pipelines and plants, construction sites and general insurance assets. The learnings from each project being executed help enhancing their proprietary AI powered platform BlueHawk, which will be launched as a SAS offering shortly.

RFLY Innovations specialize in Arial solutions with a strong focus on transforming complex technology into easy-to-use solutions/services. They provide tailor made aerial solutions and technology.

Their decade long experience in UAV research led a way to the innovation of RFLY Drones with state of the art airborne performance.
RFLY drones are next-generation UAVs, ranging from micro, small, Lidar drones, heavy lift drones, Tethered Drones and Fixed wing VTOLs. These deliver a wide range of payload capabilities with the agility developed for various missions with reliability. They build military-grade drones for special purpose applications in defence, security, and public safety markets.