As an established leader in the LED video display industry, TechnoSys prides itself on developing a wide range of fixed installation, rental and control systems that have and continue to create valuable impact for our customers. At TechnoSys we are committed to providing the resources to constantly developing new and more advanced screen technologies. It is this passion for our work that allows us to develop products that provide more value at a lower cost and with minimal environmental impact.

The Outdoor LED displays are the brightest LED display panels available. These Outdoor LED displays are clearly readable when direct sunlight makes contact with these led display panels. Each LED lamp with an independent brim is placed in the independent sunken center, and shader surface is painted with matt paint ensuring the super black level to enhance the contrast ratio and reduce the reflection rate. Pixel sharing technique makes each LED lamp act on 4 pixels and makes the visual resolution 4 times higher than physical resolution to guarantee the good image quality with high resolution. Internal and external surface of cabinets and the heat sink are covered with thermal conductive coating, forming irregular small finlike pieces on metal surface, of which the conductive effect only inferior to copper, in order not only to simplify the structure of system but also to greatly promote the efficiency of the cooling system.

Outdoor LED displays are an excellent medium for providing unlimited possibilities for advertising or promotional campaigns. Complex graphics or animations can be displayed to fantastic effect. Video images can run directly onto the Outdoor LED displays, a must for live performances or sports stadia. Both Multi Color and Full Color Outdoor LED displays are available. Programmed by computer, any electronic display ranging from the simplest alpha numeric text to the most complicated animated graphics is within your grasp, offering complete versatility and unlimited potential for advertising or promotional campaigns. The images are eye catching and are an excellent medium for communication. Outdoor LED displays gives incredible images which are almost photographic. It has the capability to show more than one billion colors in high resolution. We have a perfect solution for one-time installations of LED screens at shopping malls, casinos, airports, retail centers as well as digital signage and billboards, our fixed installation systems feature easy installation and maintenance, light weight, and ultra-slim profiles. We can also customize the size and shape of fixed installation panels according to your project requirements. We have also designed for rental companies which provide temporary displays to rental media and entertainment services. TechnoSys Embedded Systems (P) Ltd rental systems are light weight, easy to install and transport, and quick to set up and dismantle.

Outdoor LED displays are made up from several basic modules, for sizes see brochures attached, therefore there are various options available like 4 x 5 modules, 3 x 6 modules, 3 x 4, 5 x 6 and all other variations to give full flexibility on the size of a sign.