The PERIMETER LED DISPLAY FOR STADIUMS is applicable to the advertising screen installed around the sports arena such as Football, Cricket, Basket Ball, Volleyball etc. In order to prevent the players from bumping against the display and getting injured and prevent the display from getting damaged, the flexible protective cover has been used on the surface of the display.

The gradient of the display is adjustable, which can satisfy the different view angle needs of all kinds of sports arena. High brightness, large viewing angle, clear and vivid pictures, high contrast degree and good waterproof function. The waterproof joint has been adopted for connection of signals of cabinets and power supply , the installation is quick and convenient and the operation is very simple.

The double specific properties have been adopted, namely, this kind of display can be used as both indoor and outdoor rental display and the ordinary display. It can be also applicable to the match arena, and the display resources can be used sufficiently.Back-end processors and software that provide users complete control over the video displayed on these screens. TES controllers simplify and enhance user control through easy connectivity, high resolution support and powerful all-in-one adjustment tools, This allows for precise control over brightness uniformity and color accuracy, critical to reproducing more natural and vivid colors onscreen.