TECH-EOD REX530 is a medium-sized EOD robot used mainly for dangerous material capture, transfer, destruction and other operations.Its arm is rugged and has large amount of torque to transfer heavier items. Walking robot mechanism adopts triangular track structure which makes obstacle/climbing stairs an easy operation which makes it more suitable movement within the buildings. You get real-time intelligence and complete situational awareness. It can move weapons and other heavy payloads. REX530 has modular design for arms and other critical components so that they can be quickly replaced. It is rugged, lightweight, dustproof, waterproof, shockproof, anti-corrosion and the performance indicators fulfil national military standard requirements.


  • obstacle ability, easily climb stairs and other obstacles.
  • movement speed is variable as it has large torque
  • Small size, light weight, can be handled by 1 person, can be placed in the car trunk, convenient transportation.
  • integrated PTZ arm, 4 +1 DOF design to make observation flexible.
  • modular design, the battery module, the head module, the manipulator module can be quickly replaced, easy maintenance
  • strong and solid, can even pull a minivan
  • it is rugged, lightweight, dustproof, waterproof, shockproof, anti-corrosion
Platform Load Capacity≥ 30kg
Working Time3 hours cruising
Effective arm angle0 ~ +360 ° continuous rotation
Number of Cameras4
Protection classIP65
Control box dimensions410 × 330 × 180mm
Control box weight≤ 12kg
Screen size12 inches high brightness LCD
Working time2 Hours
Battery capacityNiMH battery 12v