Led Taxi Top Display Screen is the first unique Full Color Screen with the High Resolution in the world for the Interactive Advertising on the Roofs of Taxi. It is a new effective platform for communication with the target audience. Led Taxi Top operation is based on video and flash advertisements broadcast on the top side of the taxi roof with LED screens. It is a powerful marketing tool. It allows a huge number coverage of potential customers and clients. Because of the content car movement and external unusual shape, as well as brightness, saturation, color and animation Led Taxi Top Display Screen attracts everybody’s attention.

TechnoSys Embedded Systems Pvt. Ltd. provides digital color video hardware and network systems of all sizes and configurations worldwide for outdoor advertising used to generate long-term profit and investment returns on equity spent. Our newest advertising digital display products are networked via hard-link or wireless to internet backbone to allow real-time updating of ad programs anytime from anywhere in the world from any internet connection, thus maximizing efficiency, timeliness and revenue. We can fulfill your billboard taxi media needs worldwide. If you are starting an advertising company and need taxi top signs, we can manufacture them for you as per your requirements. Call for your quote on one of our popular styles.

We are supremely confident that our led taxi top advertising will instantly become a strong brand and out-of-home advertising venue reaching millions of viewers daily by rapidly integrated into media buys by leading national advertisers and ad agencies. Our led taxi top is capable of displaying text, JPEG, BMP, GIF, AVI, MPEG, and other popular formats in 16.7 million full color and over 60 display effects in super wide viewing angle and target advertising for a more flexible and dynamic advertisement campaign.