TechnoHexacopter is our new revolutionary concept of radio controlled aerial photography/cinematography which is a breakthrough in the field of professional photography. TechnoHexacopter is a custom built hexacopter featuring full carbon fibre airframe and its unique construction making it incredibly easy to transport and put together at your flying location. It is installed with Sony Nex 5r camera and also supports other professional cameras. It is designed to fly in strong winds which allows the TechnoHexacopter to hold its position much better than larger multirotors. Drawing on vast experience in the areas of professional aerial cinematography, engineering and manufacturing, TechnoSys Embedded Systems (P) Ltd has created the ultimate aerial platform. Extensive R&D has been invested in TechnoHexacopter to create a reliable and robust system for aerial video and photo professionals, allowing for longer flight times, heavier payloads and smoother footage. It features an advanced 2 axis gyro stabilized camera gimbal, full GPS navigation support, a compact size along with foldable arm system for 5min setup and very easy transport.

  • Advance Altitude Stabilization
  • Multiple Flight Control Modes
  • Accurate GPS Position Hold
  • Intelligent Orientation Control
  • High Performance Brushless Motors
  • Enhanced Failsafe Mode
  • Two Levels of Low Voltage Protections
  • One-Motor power Output Fail Protection
  • Camera Shutter Control support
  • RC Range Upto 2km (Line Of Sight)
  • 360 degree Panorama Taking Capability
  • Cameras Supported – Canon 5D Series, Sony Nex5 & 7, Panasonic GH3, Sony SLT A99, Sony SLT A77
Application Areas
  • Professional Aerial Photography And Videography
  • Fire Services
  • Police Services
  • Forestry Services
  • Aerial Mapping
  • Power Line Inspection
  • Search And Rescue
  • Media And Filming
  • Wedding And Events
  • Property Evaluation
  • Traffic Monitoring
  • Border Patroling And Perimeter Search

1. What if I crash it?:

Each individual TechnoHexacopter is tested before dispatch to ensure it flies correctly. If regularly maintained and flown properly under the correct weather conditions, you should have very few problems. If you do crash, TechnoSys Embedded Systems (P) Ltd. should be able to supply spare parts or carry out repairs if you are not confident to do so yourself.

2. How long do TechnoHexacopters fly for?

Flight time varies according to several factors; the weight of the copter, payload, weather conditions, altitude, motor specification, etc. As a result flight times vary from about 8 minutes up to more than 25 minutes. The key thing is, any flight times we discuss are in working conditions, not low level laboratory tests. We are continually sourcing new motor, propeller and battery technology to improve flight times, which is why specs change quite regularly. You will always get the best we can give at your budget. Batteries are easy to change, so you can land and be back in the air within a minute if necessary.

3. How high can the TechnoHexacopter fly?

TechnoHexacopter has been tested up to 2000 meters. However, most countries have legislation to control how high unmanned aerial systems can fly. As a result, you need to check with the Civil Aviation Authority in your country to find out what the legislation is.

4. Do I need training to fly a TechnoHexacopter?

Flying any radio-controlled equipment takes training and practice. TechnoSys have a lot of built in assistance to make flying easier but there is still a lot to learn so we strongly recommend training. We can provide training in Chandigarh, India. We can also arrange training at your location on request.

5. Can I fly in the wind and rain?

TechnoHexacopters are resistant to very light rain but we would not recommend flying in the rain for long periods as also the conditions are unlikely to be ideal for aerial photography or video anyway. TechnoHexacopter has been flown in winds up to 20km/hr but we don’t recommend that to anyone.

6. What are the Payment Terms?

We need 50% advance with Purchase Order. 30% at the time of delivery and balance 20% at the start of training sessions.

7. How about After Sales Service?

Our repair shop is fully equipped and ready to get back your TechnoHexacopter back to the air quickly. Our experts have many years of experience with repairs. We are ready to repair your copter even after “total” crash. We have the most exposed and ordered spare parts on our stock, so the delay is minimal.

8. What types of cameras can I carry?

TechnoHexacopter can carry GoPro, Sony Nex 5, Sony Nex7, Panasonic GH3, FLIR cameras, Sony SLT A99, Sony SLT A77

9. How is it Powered?

TechnoHexacopters are electrically powered by LiPo – Lithium Polymer – batteries. In the WikiPedia you can find more information about this type of battery – generally for multirotors the batteries vary between 3 to 6 cells and 2800mA up to 10000mA.

Product Disclaimer